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2003-03-09 - 3:37 p.m.

ok. so i was pissed off becuase michael told me he loved me. i mean, jigga what?!? i was very gentle in my response. i told him i really didn't blame him. but come on. i was pissed because i did everything fair and good. i even explained the words respect and boundaries. i wouldn't even allow him to call me anymore until he dealt with his life. and still, i know he is going to go back to our mutual friends and just tell them he love's me. i will look like the wrecking ball that smashed their status quo. that is what i was so pissed off about yesterday.

but guess what? i'm in BEIJING now!!! fuck you, foshan. you and your racism and small-minded thinking. you, who acts and dressed like a new york when really you are an alabama. whew. had to say it. beijing is cold and fresh and spacious. the sky is actually blue and i am sure i will see the stars tonight. did you know i saw only two stars on a good night. no stretch. and all i hear is mandarin. woo hoo. and the people who picked me up from the airport are intelligent and gentle and want to help me. they want to keep helping me. why? because they are rad. like sarah. and i just ate really good food. and really weird food too. but movin on up. can you tell i'm psyched? so i don't know the internet cafe situation which means i can't promise consistency in my updates. but if there is love abound...

i love you like a mongolian faux fur hat bought at the ashby flea maket for dollars. dollars i tell ya.

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