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2003-10-17 - 2:56 p.m.

i know the date but not the day. i know where i am but not where i am going. i had a beautiful send-off from the odeon bar. i kissed no one. i drank nothing. i felt young and small and colossal.

anon asked me f i was ready to go. if i would miss anyone. i only had two unresolved relationships in my heart. the first was short and less significant. twerk. but i think twerk came into my life to give me back anon. the second, the biggest love, tron. tron who i only had the pleasure of a sunset bikeride with on the playa. tron who hasn't spoken to me more than 5 times in 2 years. but you know what? not only did tron bring his entourage to the odeon to see me. but he also broke up with the woman that has been draining his light. AND he told me how much he looked up to me. for my recovering. for my china. for me.

so i'm here. beijing. i met a man as i was exiting the plane who i truly believe was a guardian. i had no place to go. my friends were all out and not even able to be inconvenienced by me. so he drove me to an apartment he owns outside of the fourth ring. he left me there with clean sheets and a toothbrush. he picked me up in the morning. we met up with my friend and got keys. he fed me and took me to her home. so i guess it will be pretty easy to keep posting until i travel again. it's going to be hard work again. there are already rumors of SARS emerging again within the month. i fear this not. not at all. it is almost flu season. that's all. but i'll keep you informed. i promise.

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