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2005-02-18 - 10:53 a.m.

it's very possible...in a short amount of time...i'm goin back to cali.



oh chicken and your doctor seuss wisdom.
didn't you read my last note?
i have lived thoroughly in both san fran and new york.
and LA.
and surgarbush.
and portland.
and florence.
and oludeniz/istanbul.
and beijing.
and in the south of china i studied kung fu in a temple with a roof of only stars.

i am an expert at invading a city. finding work and community,
and becoming the scene as i see it.
i am a sculptor and a chameleon.

i do not create myths and run away in search of them. i move forward, and make myths realities. it is not perspective i lack. it is quite the opposite. you should feel grateful that you live in a place like SF...a place where geeks are alpha and assholes are kings.

i'm grateful.

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