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2003-02-03 - 2:20 p.m.

i can identify.
i close my eyes.
i wear my sword at my side.

we reach into the lava-lined tunnels that shoot through the core of the earth in order to pull out that one tear drop that cascaded down our cheek as we breathed our first breath and peered over the stone down into the abyss. it appears to be petrified on the outside but it is just crusted pulsing like cacoon like metamorphosis is always happening. i am flying diving twisting down into the deepest dark. i want to know what my feet press as i walk upon this earth. i am every layer of mineral and miraculous geode. i am every fossilized elbow and pelvis. i am digging and crawling and sinking and soaring. i am your program's cool blue river of nourishment. i am your army. i am sending my tentacles like lassos around the stars to help me become this for you. for us. for me.

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