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2003-10-26 - 10:57 a.m.

i saw a ska band tonight. an amazing renovated german factory turned into galleries and lounges. called 798 space. all these sweaty boys moshing around. it was an amazing space with a stairwell up to an upstairs lounge that you couldn't see from the main floor. i wanted you to stand on the balcony and watch me climb to meet you. pushing you slowly backwards up the stairs and onto the soft chair. red glowing walls, only the top of people's heads visible. i'm climbing on to you, hot and wet from dancing. from you. i open my shirt just enough. i spill a little whisky over my nipples you start to suck as i lower myself down on you. facing you. my legs wrapped around your thighs, the chair. your face between my breasts. your hands driving my hips harder down on you. we're undressed just enough. i'm tilting and thrusting. barely moving. feeling you growing. groaning. wanting to let loose but feeling the presence of others. just squeezing. just tilting my hips. just aching to be on the other side of the curtains getting fucked from behind. wanting to arch my back and ride you.

wanting you deep deep inside.

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