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2005-05-12 - 9:48 a.m.

i went to a show last night in a bar that has become a staple for the old school burning man (in the future, i'm writing "BM" because people i know keep finding this journal when they google and i'd hate to put a lock on it) crowd. the show has been running for 5 years and next week will be the last, as the bar has been sold. it was my first attendance. people put questions in a jar and they were answered by a brilliant comic book illustrator/historian/scientist/madman. he is an icon here. 3 years ago, i heard him recite tediously long poetry from memory while we were sailing across the desert under a sinking sun on a pirate ship with wheels. last night was strange and hilarious and a quintessential experience for why i love san francisco. it is a freak show. people are clever and creative and industrious. even a predictable scene is filled with unpredictability. and i always seem to forget, a lot of people love me here. and last night they reminded me of that.

in all of my home shopping, hangers have been the only real enigma. how come you can get like 50 shirt hangers anywhere for a dollar, but even at the 99 cent store, 2 pant hangers are $1.99? are clips that precious?

i'm really excited because today i have my first therapy appointment in ages. almost 3 years. that first session is always a bit crazy. i have to summarize who i am and what i think i need out of the relationship. then we get to evaluate if the thrapist and i will be constructive together. all in under an hour. but the idea of talking about my whole life is depressing/exciting/overwhelming enough to not want to go. but i do. i really do.

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