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2002-12-06 - 6:35 p.m.

don't stop for too long. don't stop looking into my eyes. my soul. my spaces. come here to me and i will make this all real. and you will make this all right. and we will make this heaven on earth. you are so hot. i am so fucking hot for you. don't stop fucking me ever. saying hearing fuck. the c comes behind the k just presses itself against the front of my body. fucking you. don't stop. i will devour you everything you give me. fall into me. i can still feel it in my body still feel you. where are you right now. i will make you cum. breathe with me. i can feel you around me holding me, me holding you everything warm wet youslidingintoyoumysolar my eyes look really blue today. they do that. it is fucking glorious outside and i am wearing a blue sweater. that's why. me sleepy. woke up before my alarm. too much on my mind...china, space, fucking you, coming to and in new york, getting breakfast at least a coffee or tea, driving to school, fucking you, getting back online, getting off online, going to class, holding you, playing the cd somehow...i want you to kick me out of the bed, now ok breathe. maybe i shouldn't send this.

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