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2004-10-13 - 11:40 p.m.

from february of this year. tokyo.

location: tokyo narita international. american airlines admiral's club. admiral solar, can i get you another cocktail? admiral solar, can i make your internet connection access any more torturously slow? is that even a word, torturously. because it is a sentiment.

traveling alone. i seem to always be traveling alone. moving away from. moving towards. stepping aside. advancing. flying in between two cumulous cloud layers. snapping pictures of infinite white breaking crests. having so many layovers in narita, the glory of seeing the seasons of japan change. the golf courses turning from straw to lush. watching the reflection of the sun on geometrical irrigation channels, a blast of light chasing the plane on its grid-locked advance. always spectacular. the tiny toy towns. agricultural quilts of cayenne and saffron. sage and wheat. matchbox trucks delivering miniature livelyhoods. i can see the systems from up here. fishing boats leaving visible trails. forests surrounding hilltop homes, i imagine knocking on the door, and jacking into another universe. to think of how terrified i was to fly. terrified to sleep at night. terrified to wake and face the unsafe world. i freefell into my twenties. and then i started flying. and then i started soaring.

admiral solar needs a little R&R.

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