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2003-09-11 - 9:37 a.m.

take a moment. not just on this american holiday. every day. are you becoming the person you want to be? are you kind? are you changing the things that impede your evolution? do you know how blessed you really are? go read "EARTH FROM ABOVE:365 DAYS". if you are not humbled by it, go to bangladesh during flood season. go bathe in the ganges. go turn on your drinkable running water. malaria? mosquitoes? aids? earthquakes? warzones? unreported rape? slavery? know the world you live in. try not to be paralysed by options. the fiber content in your cereal is not as important as how you treat your fellow human. love is not enough. take action. your life is a work in progress. keep perspective. breathe. trade in the energy it takes to complain by attending civic meetings and writing your representatives. give someone an orgasm. build something. destroy something. know that every molecule you move, moves the world. defy media messages. especially when they attempt to define what separates us. it is the illusion of separation that weakens our spirit. the scale of tragedy that occurred on 9-11 happens all over the world. all the time. remember...with freedom and power come great responsibility.

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