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2004-01-08 - 9:55 a.m.

infrequent young men in the real world. and now three online affairs at once. yeah, you thought you were special. step into my hovercraft, little boy...

this future we're in is too strange. so easy to put all of my want onto you from so far away. so easy to use you for the imagery that makes me cum. i have before.

so clearly defining that i'm still not satisfied

is this what you want? to keep painting the picture of us fucking? me on all fours. or you in my mouth. or the way that i taste. we can write anything, do anything. insert me as the heroine into scenes of your favorite "films" and as i slip my hand between my legs it will be us making the movie.

is this what war letters were like?

try to lift me out of this place. i beg you.

< yeah >