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2004-01-27 - 12:51 p.m.

i don't know if you know tribe.net. my friend marc started it. it has taken on a life of it's own. quite indulgent at times, and revolutionary at others. i have just created two tribes that are important to me:

Love Without Labels
We have infinite respect for those who have had to come out or take any kind of stand to establish their sexual identity. Well this is our stand. One day, there wil be no "coming out" for there will be no need. We do not base fucking and loving on gender rules. We honor the delicious details that differentiate, and the ones that unify. We are not straight nor gay. We are not bi. We are human.

Technology Is Religion
The evolution of technology is not the devolution of spirituality. This tribe believes they are one and the same. We are soul-full machines. We make toys that delight and destroy. We are equations and electricity. We are systems within systems. We are wired and wireless. We are resonance and vibration. Technology AS spirituality is only limited by our ABILITY to create it. thereisonlyonething.


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