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2003-08-13 - 7:48 p.m.

2 unrelated realizations of the past i just felt like documenting.

with technological advances being as they are, i am hoping one day to have my cock sucked exactly the way i do. but only for one day. and then i can penetrate. fuck yes. and spill my seed. and piss my name in the snow. it will be a grand day. but only one.

the hunt is incredible for one set of reasons. but once you get to know your lover...the positions, the smells and scents, the body awareness, the taste, the acceptance, the obscure references, the pressure teeth on shoulder, clit, cock...how you want it, the comfort and familiarity, the evolution of trust and safety, the partner-in-crime, the consistency and surprise... ultimately, doesn't this beat the hunt.

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