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2002-11-02 - 1:42 a.m.

somehow i manage to pull it together at the last minute. i even got to work ten minutes early and bought gum with a dollar from the tip jar. where i work is really one of the sexiest spaces in the city. everything glows and bubbles amd morphs and moves. if my cyberwear is going to have any proper backdrop, this would be it. and this crew from san diego came in and one was more amazing than the next. tribal but not trance-hippie. dreads and fur, cheekbones and boots. spot-on style yet not refined. not unrefined either. i could have devoured them. i left before they finished their sessions. what was i going to do, wait for all of them to figure out what a gem i am and it's no accident i work there? right.

i didn't make that bus. so i had to transfer. at the boom boom room, the back door opened. out spilled two very marinated...uh hem...jazz men. one would shout, "no you ain't." the other would yell, "don't gimme that bullshit." and then, "oh yeah? just watch me walk by a trombone, i'll pick it up and play the shit out of it." "i'm not stupid!" "oh yeah?" and back and forth they went until my bus finally came. i'm sure they'll be at it until last call.

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