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2002-11-06 - 7:31 p.m.

am i the only one that is slightly concerned about the sbc yahoo advertising? "wow, sbc knows more about me than my wife." and "i got online at 3 in the morning and they had already sent me links to entertainment gossip. they never sleep!" c'mon people. they are s p e l l i n g it out for you. big digital brother. it's so easy. all those forwards you morons send without copy or paste track you. and me, delete delete. delete YOU. but then there is another part of me that doesn't give a shit. really. i mean everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey. who cares if they track me researching hemp harvesting, viewing barely legal lesbians, supporting disinformation, voting for ralph nader...they have NOTHING on me! look at me mr. CIA, i'm naked. how do ya like me now! i am a typical product of a dysfunctional upper middle class suburban youth. i ran away from home twice until i was finally allowed to go to boarding school. finding spiritual allies, i freefell into the fabulous world of psychedelica. sweet sixteen! yes you big boys, i did drugs. uh yeah, did. boogety woogety. and what was my original point. oh yes. me and my monkeys. the fact that "privacy" has become an archaic term is not what is so disturbing. how they are laughing in your face is. they know their aol lol emoticon audience. someone is having a field day. cruisin' on the information highway. pickin' up hitch hikers and cutting their hearts out. bring it on.

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