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2002-10-31 - 5:37 p.m.

i came in on a stork from new york. a stork smoking glitter and flying on a million micro reflections of light. tonight dusk was surrounded by a zillion sweeping angels, both dark and light, dancing in circles and falling dizzy by the wayside as the sun plunged itself into the sea to cool off before sleep.

queen helene and i dined together at the spectacular salad bar of whole paycheck. i had mmm on speed dial in case i ran into his oh-my-god-how-do-i-talk-to-that-hottie-clerk-on-a-checkout-line-and-still-remain-incognito-and-utterly-desirable. and ALL the people that work there are organic and delicious. and all in costume...yum. so when we sat down to eat- our lunch, not the employees, i saw the perfect punk-rock duck for my mmm. and kablam! speed dial! kepow! because if it was that guy, i would HAVE to give a play by play on how he chews, if he daydreams, if he's staring at anyone else. and wah, wah. no dice. hot guy but wrong guy. more incentive, however for mmm come back soon for vitamins.

speaking of hottie watching, how the hell did we ever live without this...

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