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2003-02-14 - 2:15 p.m.

bingle, glass-blower extraodinaire, is hi-larious. I joined him again because he mentioned he was meeting a fellow foreigner we'll call m. new male prospect? sure i'll join you! back at the strip called su hao gai, we decided on "win bar", where everybody is OK! it was nice and crowded and EVERY head turned and fixed their gaze on us as we floated on previously smoked resin looking for our crew. we sat at a big booth in the back and bingle was cracking me up. i was telling him i had spent the day in guangzhou having a photo shoot, how fucked up everything was and how pimpin' lili's boss' duplex was. and then i realized i use "pimpin'" all the time here because of him and danny. like where the fuck did it come from. nice couch, he said, that is exactly a couch a pimp would own! and then he walked over. new guy, m. and he was adorable. and i was high. and he sat down and we chatted a bit but, damn, i am such a teenager. i got a tiny bit nervous but then i thought, fuck it. seriously. i'm leaving here in a month. who the fuck cares. then i realized leaving was exactly what set me free in san francisco. must investigate that at some point. so needless to say, we were cool. he was a confident mofo. where do they breed guys like him and danny? cocky assholes with chivalry and hearts of gold. i swoon. now fix my car! the new guy. am i as transparent as lois lane's dress or what!

guangzhou was like blade runner yesterday. it was a massive, abstract city covered in pollution and neon. do i stutter...get me out of here. i'm heading north as soon as they shoot this catalogue i'm modeling in. i can't even say eat my dust guangdong province, because they wouldn't even see it!

THIS, THE ONE-HUNDRETH ENTRY has been brought to you by the letter S, the word word and the number 8. because eight is enough.

i love you like an ace of spades.

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